Kings have sexy saxophone man play during Jazz lineups (VIDEO)


It’s sort of hard to understand why the Sacramento Kings decided to have a shirtless saxophonist play during starting lineups for the Utah Jazz on Saturday night. No doubt your dad still loves to make jokes about Utah and jazz music, so maybe the pregame festivities were aimed at him? Despite the logic, the result was still the same: pretty good.

As the announcer at Golden 1 Center announced Utah’s starting five, Sacramento’s mascot Slamson wheeled out onto the floor, pulling saxophonist Sergio Flores behind him in a wagon. Flores played a tune on his instrument, walking near the lineup line for the Jazz as he added a little pizzaz to the ritual.

The “Sexy Sax Man” is actually a viral Internet video that dates back to 2011. In the videos, Flores plays George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” in places like malls, classrooms, department stores, and so forth.

The original video from 2011 has over 36 million views at this point, so kudos to the Kings for tapping into the B-side of Internet culture for a little joke.

Meanwhile it seems perhaps the Jazz should hire Flores full-time? Utah beat the Kings with the help of a little sax, 98-91.