Mavericks only have four players on court, Bulls still can’t score (VIDEO)

Getty Images

This is what tanking playing your younger players to develop them looks like. (We don’t want Adam Silver to get mad.)

During the Bulls vs. Mavericks race-to-the-bottom contest Friday night, the Mavericks had just four players on the court for a defensive possession. Didn’t matter, Bulls still couldn’t convert.

The Mavericks then got a technical for the play.

In the tankapalooza at the bottom of the NBA standings — where 2.5 games separate eight teams in a race to the best lottery odds — the winner of games between two teams in that group takes a double hit. Chicago beat Dallas 108-100 on Friday behind 22 points from Bobby Portis (who has played well of late) and that would have the Bulls with the eighth best lottery odds as of now when the ping-pong balls drop. The Mavericks are one of 4 teams with 19 wins, right in the middle of the pack.