Gordon Hayward posted video of himself dribbling, taking stationary jumpers

Getty Images

No, this does not mean he will be back for the playoffs. All it means is the man is putting in the work (and wants people to know he’s putting in the work).

Boston’s Gordon Hayward posted another video of himself working out, this time dribbling and getting up some stationary jump shots on Friday. Check it out.

Progress is a good thing, but note his first word — patience.

Reports All-Star weekend had Hayward’s ankle still slightly swollen and purple, which suggests what Brad Stevens has said all along — he will not be back this season. Never say never, things change, but the Celtics are still on a long-term plan with this team and they are not going to rush Hayward back. The goal is to be a contender for the East crown next season, and the season after that, and the season after that, and…

They are not going risk that and re-injury by pushing Hayward too much for this season. If it happens great, if not, this team still has a shot at coming out of the East without him. And sticking with the plan.