LeBron James denies visiting Philadelphia school

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

LeBron James visited a Los Angeles-area private school last fall. He said it was just for a workout, but his wife was also there. It seemed plausible they were checking out the school for their children, which only fueled LeBron-Lakers rumors.

And maybe prompted a copycat rumor.

The new one says LeBron visited Philadelphia schools during the All-Star break, which could indicate he’s at least considering signing with the 76ers this summer.

Jessica Camerato of NBC Philadelphia:

LeBron visiting a Philadelphia school during the All-Star break seemed farfetched. He has a house in Los Angeles, where he starred in the All-Star game and attended numerous sponsor events and parties. Not that it was impossible to stop by Philadelphia on his way to Cleveland, but he seemed to have his hands full in Los Angeles for so much of the break.

When LeBron visited the Los Angeles-area school, he was photographed there. Unless more evidence emerges of a Philadelphia school visit, I don’t believe it happened.