Cleveland fires back at Philly with billboard of its own

via Twitter

It started when a Philadelphia business took out three billboards outside Cleveland, Ohio, to try to sway LeBron James to become a Sixer next summer.

LeBron thought the billboards were “dope.” So the intended targets of the billboard liked them — that’s where this differs from “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.”

Now Cleveland has fired back with a billboard that has all the subtlety of a LeBron drive to the basket.

LeBron to Philly makes some sense in theory — if LeBron doesn’t think the Cavaliers roster is good enough to contend in future years, and he doesn’t want to go to the west, then he might jump to the Sixers — but it makes less sense in practice. For one, is LeBron going to bet his future on Joel Embiid staying healthy? Does he really see the Sixers, even with him, as a threat to Golden State or Houston? He doesn’t have any connection to the Sixers outside of this speculation. LeBron is not checking out schools in Philly.

Never say never, but I wouldn’t bet the rent money on LeBron and Embiid being teammates next year.