Marc Gasol on Grizzlies developing: ‘This is the NBA, not the D-League’

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tyreke Evans is having a career year. Dillon Brooks is impressing for a middle-of-the-second-round rookie. Andrew Harrison is showing progress.

But the Grizzlies are just 18-41 have lost 10 straight, their second double-digit losing streak of the season.

Does Memphis star Marc Gasol – who hasn’t experienced a losing season since his second year – appreciate those silver linings? Where is his frustration level?

Gasol, via The Commercial Appeal:

It’s pretty high. It’s pretty high.

Winning is what this is about. It’s not about somebody playing well or getting your reps or developing players. Because we have a league a league for that. We have a league and a team team here in Memphis to develop guys.

This is the NBA, not the D-League.

I don’t blame Gasol for feeling that way. He’s 33, and his prime will soon end – if it hasn’t already. He doesn’t have time for wasted seasons or tanking.

But this season is already lost, so tanking is now logical. Mike Conley‘s return next season, given Memphis’ cap restraints, probably won’t be enough to please Gasol in future years.

This is just another reminder how foolish it was for the Grizzlies to not even consider trading Gasol before the deadline.