Report: NBA won’t punish Zaza Pachulia for fall onto Russell Westbrook


Russell Westbrook called Zaza Pachulia dirty after the Warriors center fell onto him. Kyrie Irving called on the NBA to look into Pachulia.

Apparently, the league did and… found nothing punishable.

Tim Bontemps of The Washington Post:

Did Pachulia intend to hurt Westbrook? Was Pachulia reckless? Clumsily knocked over by slight contact from teammate Nick Young?

I don’t know, and I’m OK with the league not issuing punishment when it’s unclear. Perhaps, Pachulia is just taking advantage of that plausible deniability, and that would stink. But the NBA should need more than an educated guess to issue suspensions and fines.

Pachulia’s reputation won’t get him any of the benefit of the doubt. Especially with the league not punishing him, it’s only a matter of time until opposing players use these plausibly deniable dirty tricks on Pachulia himself.