Adam Silver says Stephen Curry didn’t want All-Star Draft televised

Getty Images

The NBA went halfway. They switched to a new format for the All-Star Game — having captains draft teams behind closed doors — then they didn’t televise it. (Why not wait until the Thursday night before the game, after the injuries and player replacements are set, then have the captains draft on Inside the NBA while Charles Barkley mocks everything they do? Would you not be entertained?)

After the secretive, conference-call All-Star Draft captains Stephen Curry and LeBron James said it should have been televised.

Thursday, Adam Silver threw Curry under the bus. In an appearance on ESPN’s ESPN’s “The Jump”, he said Curry did not want the draft televised.

“I agree with Steph. He was the one who said, ‘Give us a break. We changed the format for the first time. Let’s see how it goes, and we can talk about televising it.'”

Maybe Curry changed his mind after the draft. Maybe he went through the process and said to himself, “we didn’t televise this because… why?”

Whatever the reason, hopefully the NBA gets it right next year.