Steve Kerr goes off on legislators in wake of Florida school shooting

Getty Images

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, like every other American, was horrified and disgusted by the Florida school shooting that left 17 dead and scores more injured on Wednesday.

Kerr has never been shy about using his platform with the media to make political statements, usually bashing president Donald Trump. Before the Warriors went out and lost to the Trail Blazers on Wednesday, Kerr slammed legislators for doing nothing to restrict access to weapons like the AR-15 — used in Florida and many other mass shootings — because of the power of the NRA lobby.

“Nothing has been done. It doesn’t seem to matter to our government that children are being shot to death day after day in schools. It doesn’t matter that people are being shot at a concert, in a movie theater. It’s not enough, apparently, to move our leadership, our government, people that are running this country, to actually do anything. That’s demoralizing.

“But we can do something about it. We can vote people in who actually have the courage to protect people’s lives and not just bow down to the NRA because they’ve financed their campaign for them. So, hopefully we’ll find enough people, first of all, to vote good people in, but hopefully we can find enough people with courage to help our citizens remain safe and focus on the real safety issues. Not building some stupid wall for billions of dollars that has nothing to do with our safety, but actually protecting us from what truly is dangerous, which is maniacs with semi-automatic weapons just slaughtering our children. It’s disgusting.”

It’s political, but Kerr speaks for a majority of Americans who want some restrictions on the sale of assault rifles and background checks on gun purchases. That’s certainly not going to stop gun violence in this country, or even stop mass shootings, but if it stops one — or if it stops some domestic abusers who turn the guns they buy on family members, for example — it would save lives.

But alas, there will be outpourings of condolences from politicians in Washington, then nothing will change. Same as it ever was.