Charles Barkley once thought he was getting traded, so he played drunk (VIDEO)


Charles Barkley is one of the NBA’s most iconic players, with the stories surrounding him perhaps more entertaining than the rambling, jovial character we see on TNT during national broadcasts.

That’s why it’s not that surprising that Barkley recently revealed that he played a game while inebriated during one of his final seasons in Philadelphia.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Barkley said that he had heard from his agent that he was going to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Barkley went out to celebrate with his friends, got drunk, then later learned the deal had fallen through.

That left Barkley still playing for the Sixers, and with a game later that night, no less.

Barkley told Kimmel that he didn’t have any recollection of the game, and that it wasn’t even the only time he played while intoxicated during his career.

Of course, Barkley went on to be traded in 1992 to the Phoenix Suns. He was traded by the Suns in 1996 to the Houston Rockets.

That Chuck is a real one.