Tyronn Lue wouldn’t let players run huddle: ‘They already said LeBron’s coaching the team’

Ronald Cortes/Getty Images
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Warriors coach Steve Kerr let his players run huddles during a win over the Suns.

Would Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue allow LeBron James or other Cleveland players to do something similar?

Lue, via Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com:

“I wouldn’t do that,” Lue said, before the Cavs played the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday. “They already said LeBron’s coaching the team, anyway. If I give him the clipboard, they’re really going to say it.”

LeBron already assumes some control of how the team is run. He’s not waiting for Lue to hand him the whiteboard.

Coaching LeBron is tricky. Lue works in partnership with LeBron more than leading the superstar. It’s a delicate balance, and giving LeBron such a visual example of control might actually undermine Lue’s credibility.

Lue’s answer is somewhat poking fun at a popular and funny storyline, but there’s also some truth behind it.