Kevin Garnett explains how his sideways hood stays put (VIDEO)


Look, it’s a question the Internet has been clamoring for, so we might as well give you the answer.

Twitter worked itself into a frenzy during Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement ceremony with the Boston Celtics this week. Not about Pierce, but about Kevin Garnett’s sideways hood.

Garnett was of course in attendance for Pierce’s ceremony, and his famous sideways hood — reminiscent of T.I. — perhaps got a little more coverage than usual.

That sent folks to their keyboards wondering if he uses some kind of special tape to make it stay like that on his smooth, shiny head. Naturally, KG gave us an answer on Area 21.

Via Twitter:

This answer still seemed like complete nonsense to me even as a fellow bald man, so just for our readers here I decided to get up, grab a hoodie from my coatrack, and try it out.

Turns out it works.

Even with turning my head I can get the hood of a hoodie to stay on my noggin an extreme angle, and that’s after a fresh shave. The key is to put it on your head at the angle you want, then pull it opposite the direction of the grain of your hair. Sometimes that can vary greatly, so it may take some experimentation if you try this at home.

So there’s your answer, Internet. Garnett’s hood stays on thanks to tiny little hairs that grip the fibers his hood like a strip of velcro.

Don’t say we don’t do any research here at Pro Basketball Talk.