Bobby Portis tells Jodie Meeks to shut up as they debate flagrant foul


Bobby Portis got ejected from the Bulls loss to the Wizards on Saturday for flagrantly fouling Tomas Satoransky.

The contention didn’t end there.

Washington guard Jodie Meeks, via Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington:

“If a guy has a clear lane to the basket, if you can’t [get] there then let him go. You can’t try to take him out. Obviously, not everybody abides by those rules.”


I have to side with Portis here. Satoransky didn’t have a clear lane to the basket. Portis got there in time to get a lot of ball. It’s unfortunate how hard Satoransky fell, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Portis was dirty or even reckless.

This back-and-forth probably only increases the odds of a more deliberate dustup when the Bulls and Wizards play April 1.