Heat president Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade mended fences at agent’s funeral

Doug Benc/Getty Images

There was a real disconnect between Heat president and Dwyane Wade stemming the guard leaving Miami for the Bulls in 2016.

That has obviously been fixed, with the Heat trading for Wade yesterday.

How did Riley and Wade get over their issues?

The funeral for Wade’s agent Henry Thomas – who also represented Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem – provided an opportunity (and probably perspective).

Wade, via Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press:

“The hug that we embraced was real and it was all we needed,” Wade said of the brief encounter with Riley at the funeral. “That’s it. That’s all we both needed. I walked away and I felt better about everything, without even getting into anything.”

This worked out well for everyone involved.

Wade got his big payday – $38,750,000 – from the Bulls and got to play home games in his native Chicago. He also can proceed without wondering what it would have been like to chase a title with LeBron James on the Cavaliers. (Wade now knows, and it apparently wasn’t for him.)

Riley can still implicitly praise Wade by saying he should’ve given Wade a max deal in 2014 without actually being burdened by what would have been a bad contract. And he still gets to bring back Wade in a happy homecoming.

As Haslem put so poetically, via Reynolds:

“Hank’s still doing his job from above,” Haslem said.