Report: Timberwolves want to sign Derrick Rose

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Derrick Rose is a 29-year-old former MVP.

But when he went from the Cavaliers to the Jazz, it was barely an afterthought in Cleveland’s monster day of trades.

He won’t even report to Utah. The Cavs just wanted to clear his minimum salary and roster spot, and the Jazz will waive him.

What’s next for Rose?

Maybe reuniting with Timberwolves president-coach Tom Thibodeau, who coached Rose with the Bulls, in Minnesota.

Marc Stein of The New York Times:

If the Timberwolves really want Rose, they could just claim him on waivers. But it’d be cheaper to sign him at a prorated salary for the rest of the season.

I doubt anyone claims him. I doubt Minnesota faces significant competition for him in free agency.

Rose has fallen hard after all his injuries. He doesn’t defend. He doesn’t make 3-pointers. He doesn’t set up teammates. His only plus skill is attacking the rim, and that’s only so useful without complementary distributing.

There’s little difference between Rose and the Timberwolves’ third-string point guard, Aaron Brooks. It’d be bad enough for Minnesota to use its open roster spot on Rose rather than address a position of greater need. If Rose plays ahead of second-string point guard Tyus Jones – quite underrated – that’d be far worse.

Rose’s fit with Jimmy Butler is another potential thorn. Though I think they’re mostly past their tension in Chicago, improved relations are also due to them getting space from each other. Sticking them back into the same locker room could cause trouble. So much of their discord was due to battling for their place in the Bulls’ hierarchy, and Butler clearly reigns supreme in Minnesota – but that doesn’t mean Rose shares a realistic view.

If the Timberwolves sign Rose, they might not be realistic about his current ability, either.