Draymond Green fined $50,000 by NBA for “offensive language” toward referee

Getty Images

Draymond Green feels the referees have it in for him, that they don’t respect him like they do other stars of the game.

But does he respect them?

Green was frustrated with the calls, blew up at the officials again Tuesday night during the Warriors loss to the Thunder, and was once again ejected for tossing a ball at the official who had just thrown him out (not hard, but the point was clear).

Now Green will pay $50,000 for “directing inappropriate and offensive language toward a game official.”

The NBA has said it will come down harder to protect officials, and this is part of that.

Tensions between players and referees are at the highest they have been in decades, and Green is one of the most visible and vocal with his frustrations. He’s got some valid points. But he also complains about virtually every call, shows up officials all the time, and this whole debate remains a two-way street. The two sides are going to talk All-Star weekend, and hopefully, that can be a jump start toward some changes.