Report: Wizards put Marcin Gortat on market, target DeAndre Jordan

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The Wizards have won five in a row without John Wall, but Washington knows if it are going to make a deep playoff run it needs not only Wall back at 100 percent, it also likely needs other roster upgrades. (If you’re hot-taking that the Wizards are better off without Wall, you need to watch more basketball.)

One possible upgrade? Move Marcin Gortat and replace him with a better center. Say… DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers, who just so happens to be available.

From Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

The Washington Wizards have been engaged in trade talks involving center Marcin Gortat, multiple sources told ESPN.

Several teams have shown interest, but the Wizards are looking to improve their team now while not taking on additional long-term money, sources said. Washington has expressed interest in LA Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported.

Slow your roll. Before you jump on the trade machine to make a deal, know that testing the market for a guy like Gortat and moving him are very different animals. From Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington.

If the Wizards are going to move Gortat, they need to get someone back who can play center, Scott Brooks doesn’t want to go full-time small ball.

Jordan certainly would qualify, but if the Clippers do this they are going to want a good young player and a first-round pick back as part of the deal. Washington isn’t going to part with Kelly Oubre, but what about a deal that involved Tomas Satoransky? Something like Gortat, Satoransky, a first, and whatever it takes to make the salary work (which might mean Jason Smith) might interest the Clippers.

However, it would only interest the Wizards if Jordan is willing to opt into the final year of his contract, they get extended by the team (sort of like Chris Paul did with Houston). So far, Jordan has not been willing to do that, he wants to test the market next summer.

It’s not an easy deal to put together where both teams are happy.

Gortat is out there, though and that’s something to watch.