Report: Celtics, Nuggets, 76ers frontrunners to trade for Tyreke Evans

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Grizzlies guard/forward Tyreke Evans might be the player most likely to get traded before Thursday’s deadline.

He’s having a good year on a bad team and will be a free agent next summer. It’ll take cap space or the mid-level exception to give him a starting salary more than $3,948,000. The way he has played, he might draw even more than the mid-level exception, which is all capped-out Memphis is likely to have available. The Grizzlies have already sent him home in anticipation of a trade.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

As a scorer/ball-handler/playmaker who can play all three perimeter positions, Evans could help all those teams.

But is he worth the first-round pick Memphis wants? That’s the key question as the deadline looms.

Would the Grizzlies take bad long-term salary to get a better pick? Is Evans career-high 39% 3-point shooting, up from 31% for his career, sustainable? Those are a couple of smaller questions teams on each side of a deal must assess to answer the larger question.