Reports: Brooklyn trades Tyler Zeller to Milwaukee for Rashad Vaughn. the second-round pick

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Tyler Zeller had beat out Timofey Mozgov early in the season and started 33 games for the Nets. He’s been solid for them, scoring 7.1 points per game in limited minutes. However, rookie Jarrett Allen has been coming on of late, taking the starting job (because he’s a better finisher around the rim on offense and a better rim protector on defense). That left Zeller in a bit of limbo and available.

Milwaukee is looking for a little help at the backup center spot, so they jumped in and traded for Zeller on Tuesday, news broken by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The Bucks start John Henson at center, and they have Thon Maker off the bench to help fill in that role. Of course, what they need to do more is play Giannis Antetokounmpo more at the five, sort of a point center. Especially in crunch time. Hopefully, the next coach in Milwaukee will recognize this and go to it more.

Brooklyn is trying to stockpile picks after the previous regime (under pressure from ownership) shipped a lot out in a “win now” effort when the franchise move to the Barclays Center. They get a second out of this, which is as much as they were going to get for Zeller. Rashad Vaughn just makes the math work (he’s a “3&D” guard who hasn’t done either spectacularly well).