NBA’s Warriors to replace Red Panda’s stolen $25k unicycle

Getty Images

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) – The NBA’s Golden State Warriors will buy the popular half-time entertainer known as the Red Panda Acrobat a custom-made, $25,000 unicycle to replace the one stolen from San Francisco’s airport.

KTVU-TV reports Friday that the team notified Rong Niu’s agent of its plan to replace the 7-foot unicycle the acrobat uses in her routine where she flips bowls from her feet and catches them stacked on her head at halftime shows across the country. Agent Pat Figley says the unicycle will be built in China.

Police released Jan. 24 surveillance photos from San Francisco International Airport’s baggage claim area showing a man wheeling away black bags containing the unicycle. Niu has had the unicycle for 30 years.

She is a regular performer for the Warriors and around the NBA, and she’s the one halftime act NBA Twitter loves and gets excited when she’s performing. She’s also appeared on America’s Got Talent.