Marcus Smart says hand injury actually due to frustration from Lakers loss


Look, there needed to be some damage control when it came to the unfortunate way that Marcus Smart injured his hand. Whether you believe Smart’s official story is another thing, however.

Rumors swirled recently that Smart had injured his hand — resulting in stitches and a laceration that would keep him out for a couple of weeks — by punching a picture frame at the Boston Celtics’ hotel.

The reason for that punch was because Smart was upset over what a female acquaintance had posted on social media. This week, Smart told reporters that that story is not true and it was simply because he was upset about a recent loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Via Celtics Wire:

“No, nothing. Off the court had nothing to do with it which a lot of people probably think it was but it really wasn’t,” Smart said when asked if his frustration was purely tied to basketball. “Like I said, it’s something I’ve got to learn from and we move on.”

Smart attributed his poor decision, instead, to the team’s performance at the time and the role he’d played in it.

“I was just frustrated with myself. That moment, we had lost a few games, I think four in a row to teams we feel we should have beat. Being a competitor, missing a lot of shots, you kinda get upset at yourself…just a lot of frustration about my play as well and how the team was playing.”

We will have to take Smart at his word given we can’t really ascertain the full motivation for him punching a picture frame. Still, it’s the NBA so either explanation seems plausible. Perhaps it’s both?

Smart sat out for the Celtics on Sunday along with Kyrie Irving and Marcus Morris. Al Horford and the rest of the No. 1 team in the East still found a way to beat the Portland Trail Blazers at the buzzer without them.