Russell Westbrook shoves taunting fan, who was on the court, after loss to Nuggets


DENVER (AP) — After the Thunder lost the Nuggets, 127-124, on a buzzer-beating 3-pointer from Gary Harris, a fan went on the court and began taunting Russell Westbrook who was trying to leave the court.

Westbrook pushed the fan out of the way before security guards quickly moved in and hustled the fan away. However, Westbrook said after the game that the perimeter of the basketball court should be better policed.

“You’ve got to be able to protect the players,” Westbrook said. “The fans can obviously enjoy the game, but they can’t come on the floor. They’ll look at it and figure it out. To me, that’s totally unacceptable.”

The league will review the incident, but because the fan was on the court the league likely is not coming down on Westbrook.