Malcolm Brodgon leaves game in cast, was seen saying he felt a pop (VIDEO)


Non-contact injuries are always the hardest to speculate on as they seem to have a high level of variance. Guys can come walking back out, or have suffered the worst injuries of their career.

Hopefully that’s not what’s happened to Milwaukee Bucks second-year man Malcolm Brogdon.

Early in the second quarter on Thursday night, the 2017 NBA Rookie of the Year took a fall on a breakaway score that left him on the ground and trainers attending to him.

Brogdon could be seen rolling on the ground and several apparently saw him mouthing to trainers that he heard something in his leg pop.

Via Twitter:

We still don’t have any kind of confirmation from the Bucks themselves on Brogdon’s prognosis. Obviously him leaving the stadium in a cast isn’t the best news. The team plays Friday at home against the New York Knicks.

Minnesota beat Milwaukee, 108-89.