Kevin Durant calls rumors around LeBron, Warriors “bulls***”

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Our own Dan Feldman ran the numbers and there are a couple of ways LeBron James could come to the Golden State Warriors next season:

1) LeBron opts out of the $35.6 million he is owed next season and signs with the Warriors for the veteran minimum. That’s not happening. LeBron has said as much.

2) The Warriors trade one of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, or Klay Thompson — almost certainly Thompson — plus Andre Iguodala and others back to Cleveland (after LeBron opts in); or the Warriors trade two of those big three somewhere else in a deal that clears the cap space. That is not happening, either (I’d go at 99.6% chance this is laughed out of the Warriors front office).

Which is why I tend to agree with Kevin Durant when he was asked about the rumor.

Durant did describe the idea as fertilizer from a male cow, and he’s right, but he provided some conditions on that as he continued to speak.

“In this league, just like a couple years ago, me coming here, nobody would have thought that. It’s part of me as a basketball player that’s just like, let’s just worry about basketball. Then on the other side, we know this is a business as well.”

LeBron in Golden State is not happening next summer.

LeBron in Houston…. stay tuned.