Kevin Durant hits fan after punching ball into stands, runs to apologize (VIDEO)


It’s not clear was Kevin Durant thinking on Saturday before the Golden State Warriors took on the Boston Celtics. During warm-ups, Durant was seen hitting a basketball like you would a volleyball, causing the ball to go flying up and into the stands.

The only problem? That ball hit a fan in the face.

According to Yahoo! Sports, that fan was 75-year-old Joseph Franzia, a former Marine and member of the Franzia family famous for their wine. The ball hit Franzia in the left side of the face, and both security and medical attendants came to his aid as fans gathered around.

Via Twitter:

Durant of course ran over to apologize to Franzia, inviting him to the locker room after the game.

Franzia took Durant up on that offer, and he even received a pair of signed shoes from Durant to try to make up for the knock to the dome.

Looks like Franzia is going to be OK, and you’ve got to think Durant won’t do something this boneheaded again.