Kyrie Irving on playing All-Star Game with LeBron, Kevin Love: “It will be fun”

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Whoever’s side of the story you believe, we can all agree Kyrie Irving did not leave the Cavaliers under the happiest of circumstances. He wanted out of LeBron James‘ shadow and forced a trade that, so far, has not worked out well for Cleveland.

There’s going to be a reunion in Los Angeles next month — LeBron James picked Irving and Kevin Love for his All-Star team.

Is that going to be awkward, Kyrie? Via Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

“It will be fun [to play with James and Love],” Irving said. “All-Star weekend’s just an enjoyable experience. It’s a time for us as competitors to get together when we’re not necessarily with our teams and going against one another. It’s great to see the two captains choose who they felt were the best fit for their team, and I’m glad that I’m playing with a bunch of great players.”

Irving added that he’ll always have a special bond with LeBron and Love.

“I think you’ve heard it if you’ve talked to championship winners before, but when you’re on a championship team, it’s just a bond that can’t be broken forever,” Irving said. “Just going through that, the way we created history — we’re the only team in history to come back from 3-1. And that’s something that will be etched in NBA history for life.

“And that’s always a connection, something that we can always reminisce about no matter what. It’s an incredible bond that we built as a team, individually being tested at the highest level, and doing something that you can remember for the rest of your life and tell your kids about.”

Cavaliers fans may be mad at Irving now, but they will always remember him as the guy who hit THE shot in franchise history, winning Cleveland a title.

NBA players understand this is a business and take fewer things personally than most people think. LeBron wanted to keep Irving in Cleveland, but he also understands better than most the need to strike out on your own at points in life. He and Kyrie will be good.