Enes Kanter, Jared Dudley have Twitter beef after Knicks beat Suns

Getty Images

A frustrated Devin Booker shoved Knicks big man Enes Kanter Friday night after Kanter had defended Booker around the rim — and that got Booker ejected. Kanter has gotten under the skin of many a player over the years with his physical style, but player know that and generally don’t react. Booker did and it earned him an early shower.

However, the trash talk didn’t end there.

Suns veteran Jared Dudley jumped into the fray to defend the young star.

Shots fired. I guess. Both men took legit shots — Dudley isn’t playing a lot, Kanter is borderline unplayable in the postseason because of his defense — but since we’re talking about two non-playoff teams who don’t see each other again this season, it gets a shrug.

Kanter isn’t afraid to mix it up online, remember he took digs at LeBron James not long ago — a guy you may not want to make angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.