Russell Westbrook jokes with Carmelo after learning he wasn’t the last All-Star Game pick (VIDEO)


Russell Westbrook may have been the last pick in the 2018 All-Star Game Draft. We may never know if he was, as the process of choosing teams led by Stephen Curry and LeBron James was unfortunately done in secret.

But Westbrook certainly thought he was the last pick. The 2017 NBA MVP sort of clued us into that when he went and dropped a whopping 46 points on the Washington Wizards on Thursday night.

After the game, Westbrook learned that the list that had been released of the All-Star teams — wherein he was last — had merely been organized alphabetically. Westbrook has a big fat W to start off, so it makes sense he was at the bottom.

That seemed to put Westbrook at ease, and he even joked with Carmelo Anthony about it. Melo, it appeared, had been dogging Westbrook about getting selected last.

Via Twitter:

The NBA hath no fury like a Westbrook scorned.