LeBron James reveals he and Stephen Curry can’t serve as All-Star captains next year

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

LeBron James and Stephen Curry, as conference leaders in All-Star fan voting, just drafted the All-Star teams.

It was no surprise LeBron and Curry earned captaincies. LeBron has led the Eastern Conference in All-Star fan voting the last six years. Curry has led the West three of the last four years and trailed only the since-retired Kobe Bryant in 2016. LeBron and Curry are obvious favorites to lead the league again next year.

But that apparently wouldn’t allow them to draft again.

Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

This is just another way the NBA is screwing up the All-Star draft. Curry and LeBron are the league’s most marketable stars. Why would the NBA not want those two front and center – especially if, as hoped, the draft is actually televised next year? The league has overthought this new All-Star format to the point of inanity.

A potential loophole, though: What if LeBron is in the West next year?