Someone actually helped up Kevin Love in viral video of Cavaliers ignoring him – Spurs’ Dejounte Murray (video)


Just how maligned is Kevin Love with the Cavaliers?

There have been two (!) viral videos of teammates not helping him up.

The first came when LeBron James stepped over him a couple years ago. The second came during Cleveland’s loss to the Spurs on Tuesday, when Jae Crowder stepped over him.

Now, these could be overblown. Sometimes, a player just wants to catch his breath for a moment on the floor. In Crowder’s case, play was ongoing, and he could have been locked into that. No other Cavs were clearly close enough to Love to help him up, though they all got collectively blamed for not running over (again, while play continued).

But ESPN showed a new angle, and – once again, fairly or not – it doesn’t paint the Cavaliers in the best light. Because Love did get helped up. By Spurs guard Dejounte Murray.