Here’s Steven Adams kicking Bradley Beal in the crotch (VIDEO)


Oh, boy. Steven Adams might want to get his checkbook out after this one.

During Thursday night’s game between the Washington Wizards and the Oklahoma City Thunder, a Draymond Green-esque play from Thunder center Steven Adams caught the eye of folks watching at home.

Battling with Marcin Gortat for an offensive rebound, Adams found himself going horizontal as Gortat pulled him to the side.

Bradley Beal was under the basket and had an easy chance at the ball — thanks in part to Gortat’s “boxout” — and Adams appeared to take specific aim at a sensitive area on the Wizards wing.

Via Twitter:

Not a great look. It certainly does seem reminiscent of the non-basketball moves the NBA has fined guys like Green and LeBron James for in the past.

Meanwhile, the Thunder beat the Wizards, 121-112. Russell Westbrook had an incredible game in the worst jerseys in the NBA, smoking Washington to the tune of 46 points, six assists, and six rebounds.