Tyronn Lue says Cavs lineup changes coming after loss to Spurs

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Lineup changes are coming to Cleveland.

We’re not just talking trades — although those are likely coming, too. Exactly who — and for whom — remains to be seen, but the Cavaliers front office is being as aggressive as they can be without throwing the Brooklyn pick in the mix to get more talent on the team.

However, lineup changes are coming before that according to Cavaliers’ coach Tyronn Lue, via Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

Is Tristan Thompson moving back into the starting lineup to energize a horrible defense? LeBron James, Kevin Love, and likely Isaiah Thomas are not coming out of the starting five, so that means moving J.R. Smith or Jae Crowder to the bench and bringing in someone else.

A lineup change alone isn’t going to turn the Cavaliers season around. But it’s a start. And Lue has to do something after having lost 6-of-7 now and they are in danger of falling to the four seed in the East.