LeBron James takes to Twitter to vote friends, teammates to All-Star Game

Getty Images

LeBron James has plenty of votes for himself, he is going to the All-Star Game in Los Angeles Feb. 18 (in fact it looks like he will be a team captain).

So he is casting his votes for friends. LeBron took to Twitter and voted for a number of his teammates and friends on Thursday.

This is more a celebrity endorsement than a vote (LeBron’s vote is just one among millions, but he can influence others).

For the record, Kevin Love deserves to be there as a reserve, Ben Simmons has a shot in the shallow East, and despite missing a lot of time this season due to injury I have no issue with Chris Paul making it to the big game. However, if Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, or Isaiah Thomas (missed too many games) are there, it will be an insult to guys who have earned the trip with their play this season.

Then again, it’s just an exhibition, so YOLO.