Reports: Utah, Detroit teams most interested in Chicago’s Nikola Mirotic

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The Bulls are going to trade Nikola Mirotic. He wants to be traded, and for the rebuilding Bulls he is not part of the long-term future so it’s wise to trade him now and get the most for him. If you’re going to bet on one guy to get traded before the Feb. 8 deadline, it should be Mirotic.

The question is where?

There is mutual interest between the Jazz and Mirotic — picture him in a pick-and-pop with Donovan Mitchel — but now reports of a second team come in from Marc Stein of The New York Times and K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune.

Not all first-round picks are created equal — the Jazz and Pistons will want protections on any pick they send to the Bulls. What those protections are and how they evolve over time if not met the first year is the part to be negotiated. Other teams likely will get serious about Mirotic as well.

One little housekeeping note for people who love cap details.