Matthew Dellavedova gets flagrant 2, ejected for tackling Bradley Beal (VIDEO)


Matthew Dellavedova is known for being a gritty player. That’s one way to put it, at least.

Dellavedova’s style of defense is often praised and chastised in the same sentence. The hard-nosed Australian is sometimes criticized for playing without regard for his fellow player.

Folks were not particularly happy with Dellavedova on Saturday after the Milwaukee Bucks guard tackled Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal.

Via Twitter:

According to NBC Sports Washington, both players and coaches didn’t like Delly’s hard play.

Via NBC Sports Washington:

“There’s no place in the game for that,” Beal said. “It’s the difference between making a play on the ball and wrapping your arms around somebody’s neck.”

“It should never happen. Those plays should never happen,” head coach Scott Brooks said. “It’s a professional respect that you want to play with.”

Dellavedova did get himself ejected, but it remains to be seen whether the league will take further action.