LeBron James on Browns’ 0-16 parade: “How ’bout they just boycott a season”


LeBron James is from Cleveland, and as such he is a Cleveland Browns fan. Well, when he’s not cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, that is.

Still, LeBron is an Ohio icon and one of the most powerful voices in sports. Meanwhile, the Browns were the worst team in football this year, going 0-16 in 2017-18.

Fans in Cleveland decided to lean in to the badness of their team by holding a parade honoring the winless season. It was covered at length, and now LeBron has decided to chime in.

Via Twitter and The Athletic:

That LeBron was cool with Browns fans doing the parade is actually pretty hilarious. Athletes tend to get sensitive about this sort of thing, so to see him so casual about the thing is refreshing.

Go Browns Cowboys.