Grizzlies Mike Conley says no timeline for his return (but he does plan to come back)

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The Memphis Grizzlies have gone 5-21 since Mike Conley started missing games due to a sore Achilles (an ongoing issue). There are other factors in that record for sure, but the Grizzlies would have won more games with him (they were 7-6 when he started to sit out).

Conley plans to return this season, but there is no timeline for him to get on the court again, he told members of the media Friday. Here are the highlights, via Michael Wallace of

The Grizzlies coaches and front office have a couple of hard questions coming up.

First, at what point is it time to shut Conley down for the season? At 12-27, the Grizzlies are eight games out of the playoffs and not going to make up that ground, and if they are not headed to the postseason at what point do they decide to just let Conley get healthy and come back next season.

The other question: Is it time to tear this down, trade Marc Gasol, and start the rebuild?

Other teams are calling, but the Grizzlies have yet to move down that road — they fired David Fizdale as coach in an effort to turn the season around and to keep Marc Gasol happy. The ultimate answer to the “blow it up?” question is not an answer that comes from the GM, it’s an ownership answer, and right now there are questions about who will be the Grizzlies owner going forward.

It’s been a rough season in Memphis, one where the first domino may have been the Conley injury. Now the issues are much bigger than him and if he can return this season.