Dr. J released from hospital, expected to make full recovery

Getty Images

This is fantastic news.

Julius “Dr. J” Erving attended Friday night’s Sixers game in Philly — the team was saluting the 35th anniversary of the rock-the-baby dunk — but he fell ill while watching the game and had to be taken directly to the hospital.

He has now been released.

It’s unclear what ailed him, but that doesn’t dampen the good news that he will be fine.

Erving, 67, is one of the game’s great legends. He is a Hall of Famer who won one NBA title and two ABA titles, was a four-time MVP, a 7-time All-NBA player, a 16-time All-Star, and made an All-Defensive Team. Beyond that, he helped usher in a new era of the game — he was playing above the rim when few were.