Paul George on Lakers comments: “no regrets at all” (VIDEO)

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Paul George put the Indiana Pacers at a bit of a disadvantage in 2017 when word came out that he was looking to opt out and leave the team.

Indiana’s trade leverage was severely weakened, although given the way Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis have played for the team, it’s shaken out better than expected for the Pacers.

Still, George had reportedly told friends that he wanted to join the Los Angeles Lakers before he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, something which didn’t sit right with those around the league.

Even further, the Lakers got in trouble for tampering with George thanks to actions by both GM Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson.

Now, it appears that George has no regrets about his comments regarding LA:

One could assume that George has no reservations about his comments becoming public because it wasn’t him that was fined, and because LA will likely still pursue George when he inevitably opts out of his player option this summer.