Manu Ginobili throws alley-oop, refs don’t realize it went through hoop (VIDEO)

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Manu Ginobili was trying to throw an alley-oop to LaMarcus Aldridge on Tuesday night as the San Antonio Spurs took on the New York Knicks.

That’s the normal part. From there, it got a little weird.

The play came in the waning seconds of the third quarter at MSG. In a high-low play, Ginobili sent an arcing pass from the top of the key down to Aldridge, who was being fronted in the paint.

Ginobili’s pass actually went high enough to go through the basket, but it came out at an angle such that officials didn’t realize it had actually gone through the net.

The Knicks were allowed to grab the ball and change possession until the Spurs finally yelled at them to take a look at the replay:

Referees gave the basket to the Spurs after a review, as they should have in the first place.