Knicks’ Ron Baker suffered fractured face when Anthony Davis dunked on him

Associated Press

This is just adding injury to insult.

Last Saturday Ron Baker ended up as the prop in a dunk of the season candidate by Anthony Davis. When Davis spun baseline and blew past Kristaps Porzingis to line up a dunk, Baker tried to come in with some rim protection and it went poorly. Very poorly.

Baker was caught in the face by Davis’ off-arm — an elbow to the eye that sent Baker straight to the locker room. Now he’s going to miss at least one game with a fractured orbital bone, and he will be playing with a mask for a while.

Should that have been a foul on Davis? I don’t think so, as he didn’t make a motion to push Baker away, this was just inadvertent. And ugly. That said, league referees have been instructed to protect players in the case of a blow to the head, and this certainly was that.

Baker had a good sense of humor about it.