Jae Crowder: Celtics fans ‘fans have cheered for opposing team’s players before. I feel like they should do the same for me’

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Isaiah Thomas doesn’t plan to play against his old team when the Cavaliers visit the Celtics tomorrow.

But Jae Crowder – also sent from Boston to Cleveland in the Kyrie Irving trade – does. And Crowder has expectations for his return.

Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe:

If you remember, Crowder was mad Celtics fans cheered for Gordon Hayward when the Jazz visited Boston last season. Crowder saw fans cheering for an opponent to take his job, and his consternation was justified. The Celtics signed Hayward then traded Crowder last summer.

This just goes to reinforce Crowder’s reputation for having a long memory and being petty. Don’t be surprised if he also bolsters his reputation for toughness tomorrow night.