Watch Anthony Davis dismantle Ron Baker on this huge dunk (VIDEO)


Well, we got the best sports image of the year, and not a minute too soon.

On Saturday night, as the New Orleans Pelicans took on the New York Knicks, Anthony Davis went baseline for a dunk attempt. New York’s Ron Baker decided to do the heroic thing and sacrifice himself in the name of rim protection, and it went so, hilariously wrong.

Davis, strong as he is, dunked with ferocity upon the rim as Baker tried to contest. Baker wound up fouling Davis, losing his balance mid-air in the process.

Via Twitter:

For his part, Baker had a bit of fun with the play after the game. By Sunday morning the dunk had made the rounds, including on SportsCenter.

Baker poked fun at himself, despite his battered appearance.

Oof. Good on him for contesting the dunk, though. Who among us would be so brave?

New York beat the Pelicans, 105-103.