Draymond Green gets ejected after two technical fouls in a minute (VIDEO)


Draymond Green is always a league leader in technical fouls and ejections, but perhaps his reputation precedes him?

That certainly appeared to be at least partially a factor on Saturday night as the Golden State Warriors took on the Memphis Grizzlies. Green was ejected thanks to two technical fouls in the span of one minute in the second quarter.

The first came after Green committed a foul against Deyonta Davis with 10:32 in the second quarter. Green argued with officials that Davis hadn’t caught the ball before he fouled him, and that it should not be a shooting foul.

A minute later, Green argued that he hadn’t fouled Davis on an alley-oop attempt, and was promptly tossed.

Via Twitter:

Was Green right in getting run? Hard to say. Referees do seem a bit more touchy this season, and the NBPA is trying to work that out with the referee association.

It seems like Green irritated refs on the first tech by arguing while simultaneously refusing to move to the lane line for the free throw. The second was weaker, and perhaps propelled by agitation from the first that had come just a minute before.

We’ll see if the NBA rescinds either techs or both.

Meanwhile, Golden State beat the Grizzlies, 141-128.