NBA’s competition committee to review replay situations like in Bucks win


It was game-changing, and it was wrong — with seconds left Giannis Antetokounmpo stepped out of bounds on a baseline drive that ended with him scoring the game-winning shot. Referee Leon Wood missed it. The NBA confirmed as much.

There was no video review of the play because nothing was called. Under the current rules, no whistle, no review.

The NBA competition committee is going to look into this next spring, NBA spokesman Tim Frank told Royce Young of ESPN.

On the heels of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s game-winning bucket, on which the Milwaukee Bucks star stepped on the baseline before finishing a dunk to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, the NBA’s competition committee will add that type of play to the agenda for discussion at its meeting in March, league spokesman Tim Frank said Saturday.

The competition committee will look at a number of solutions to such a situation, Frank said. If any change is made, it would not be implemented until the 2018-19 season. It is also possible no changes will be made.

There’s an answer here.

It’s time for the NBA to implement an NFL-style challenge system. It’s not a perfect idea (just ask NFL fans), but it solves these situations. Leave the replays in for “foot on the line for a three” or ” who touched it last going out of bounds in the final minutes” but give each coach one or two challenges a game to use, and add a broader range of reviewable items. For example, allow Tyronn Lue to be able to challenge the call at the end of the game on Christmas Day when LeBron James drove the lane, Kevin Durant fouled him and there was no call. If the challenge results in an overturned call, the coach gets to keep the challenge, miss it and he loses it (or even add losing a timeout to the mix).

The NBA’s replay system is a good thing — the goal should be to get the calls right — but even streamlined there are games where it seems cumbersome and kills the flow at the end of the game. It needs to be smoothed out, but I’d rather have a little more of a delay and get the calls write than have more incidents like Antetokounmpo on Friday night.