Giannis Antetokounmpo dunk beats Thunder, but refs missed him stepping out of bounds


It would have been one of the most dramatic game winners of the season — after a Russell Westbrook three tied the game seconds earlier, Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s drive and dunk over Westbrook gave the Bucks the win over the Thunder.

Except it was mired in controversy —  when Antetokounmpo spun baseline and drove he clearly stepped out of bounds. Watch the video, he clearly steps on the line.

Paul George — out for the game due to left knee soreness — was incredulous.

Why wasn’t the play reviewed and the call reversed? Because there was no call to reverse, according to the officials.

There should be a review of the play — this is why there needs to be a close look by the league at the review process after the season. I’m not going to blame the referees here, they are trying to watch for fouls and so much more, and at full speed that is something that a human being will miss. If we’re going to live with human mistakes late, why have replay at all? If the goal is to get the calls right, they need to get it right. The idea that they could review if a foot is on the line for a two or a three, but this cannot be reviewed, is just wrong.

It’s time to review the review process.