Dwane Casey repeatedly yells ‘F— you’ at Mike Budenholzer (video)


Raptors rookie O.G. Anunoby stole a Hawks pass then streaked for a dunk with the shot clock off to cap Toronto’s 111-98 win last night.

That didn’t sit well with Atlanta coach Mike Budenholzer, who apparently said something to Anunoby afterward.

That reeeallly didn’t sit well with Raptors coach Dwane Casey, who yelled “f— you” repeatedly at Budenholzer.

Casey, via Doug Smith of the Toronto Star:

“I’m a coach’s coach. I love coaches, but one thing I don’t want you to do is say something to my players,” Casey said. “I don’t know what was said exactly, but he was upset because the kid stole the ball and went for a layup.

“I understand the situation. We weren’t trying to run the score up. They were trying to score and we were trying to play defence. His instincts stole the ball. There was no intent.”

Neither coach covered himself in glory here.

Casey’s Raptors fumed when Lance Stephenson ran up the score in a game last season. Asked about Toronto guard Norman Powell showboat dunking in a similar situation the prior year, Casey said he didn’t remember that. The hypocrisy was glaring, and it only continued with Casey excusing Anunoby here.

To be fair, Casey didn’t disagree with Budenholzer objection to Anunoby’s dunk. Casey went after Budenholzer for talking to his player – a code many coaches subscribe to.

And Casey is right: Budenholzer shouldn’t have said anything to Anunoby. Even if he bit his tongue, Budenholzer shouldn’t have held animosity toward Anunoby. The Hawks were trying to score. They didn’t have the right to get mad at the Raptors for also trying.