John Wall: Wizards play for stats against losing teams

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Wizards are a respectable 19-16.

But they’ve also lost to the Hawks, Mavericks, Lakers, Nets (twice), Hornets, Suns and Clippers. Washington is 10-6 against teams above .500 and 9-10 against teams below .500.

John Wall, via Candace Bucker of The Washington Post:

“We talk about it. We say when we play these teams that are not above .500 or not one of the great teams, we go out there playing for stats,” John Wall said. “It’s simple as that. We can see it. I think we all can see it when we play.”

Wall revealed that there are no feelings spared when teammates uncover selfish acts among others.

“We say it all in the locker room. No matter what. We don’t sugarcoat it from anybody,” Wall said. “And we all let him know what it is. We just got to find a better job of providing and keeping it away.”

The Wizards aren’t the only team to chase stats against bad opponents. They’re just not good enough to do so and still consistently win.

I don’t see this as a huge problem. The Wizards are already playoff-tested and have a good amount of chemistry. They’ve looked better against the type of opponents they’ll see in the postseason.

It’d be nice if Washington played with perfect focus every night. But it’s a long regular season, and a demonstrated ability to lock in against good teams will help when it matters most.