Carmelo Anthony: NBA All-Star draft shouldn’t be televised

Elsa/Getty Images

LeBron James – who will probably be a captain – approved of televising the NBA All-Star draft. John Wall – likely headed for the selection pool – also supports televising it.

Carmelo Anthony dissents.

Fred Katz of The Norman Transcript:


I don’t think you should televise that. I think that’s something you should keep in-house. I don’t think everybody in the outside world  need to kind of be in the inside of that. The flip side of that, you’ll have a lot of players that’s kind of mad at whoever the captains are. You’ll have guys are going to be mad. Guys are going to be upset. Friendships come into play.

Anthony is the first player I’ve seen to come out against televising the draft. He’s surely not alone, or the NBA would be more aggressive about televising it. But for similar reasons players fear televised results, they don’t want to look weak by openly opposing a public draft.

Hopefully, the NBA still televises draft. It’s not too late, and a watched draft is the whole basis of the excitement for captain-picked teams. And if the league comes around, there’d be a silver lining for Anthony: He won’t be an All-Star, anyway.