Jazz unveil incredibly distinctive red/orange jerseys

Utah Jazz

The Jazz’s new yellow uniforms don’t elicit much beyond confusion about which team is which when Utah wears them.

These uniforms and the accompanying court design are sure to generate much stronger feelings:

Jazz release:

Design Features

The bright gold to deep burgundy bands on the uniform represent the famous red rock formations found throughout southern Utah, and they also reflect the fire, passion and intensity of the Utah Jazz organization and players. The word “UTAH” is shown across the chest—the City Edition is the only one of this season’s four uniforms to feature the name of our state.

Another special aspect of the City Edition uniform is that the Jazz will be wearing a state of Utah logo that features the basketball lines from the primary logo. This represents how the Jazz belong to all of Utah.

Hidden underneath the shorts flap is a graphic of Delicate Arch, one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Down the right side of the uniform is the driving route from Salt Lake City to Moab—home of Delicate Arch. Down the left side of the uniform is the route from Salt Lake City to St. George.

I can always get behind at least the theory of uniforms that uniquely fit their team or location. In this case, I also enjoy the execution.

But I also liked the WordArt “Fire” gradient the first time.